Deck Armour Hiking
Retail Price: $5.00
Sku: Y70033
Deck Armour Hiking

Product Features

  • For use in Shockwave Hi-Fits and Salopettes
  • Impact Protection - Absorbs energy, reducing the forces transmitted through the body
  • Long duration pressure point relief
  • Flexible and moulds around the body customising fit
  • Flexibility allows the wearer to move freely
  • Hydrophobic - Non absorbent

Fabric: Silicone Elastomer  

Product Details

For the first time in any sailing clothing internal pockets have been constructed at critical areas to allow the incorporation of various Deck Armour mesh inserts.  These flexible and highly breathable mesh panels provide impact protection at the knee, seat, and stomach areas.  The Silicone based ‘open structure’ pads custom mould around the body so as not to restrict movement whilst allowing air to pass freely through them.  The molecules within the Deck Armour inserts engage upon impact to defend the body from uncomfortable collisions by absorbing and dispersing forces across a greater surface area, so lessening their intensity.