Sailing Gear

Henri Lloyd is a British brand established in 1963 in Manchester, England. The brand today is committed to servicing its sailors by providing them with top and elegant sailing gear to keep them comfortable against the elements without sacrificing mobility and performance. These products are designed to keep you dry, even in some of the harshest of environments.

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Wear Henri Lloyd sailing clothing to improve your performance even under the pressure of the foul weather. With over 50 years of service and design experience, you can count on Henri Lloyd sailing clothing to keep you dry regardless of what wet condition may come. For further questions visit our website, we are more than pleasure to attend you with our sailing apparel specialist. Go sailing secure, comfortable and with style.
Some of the technology and features found in the offshore clothing can be found throughout the full line of Henri Lloyd marine apparel. This brand constantly comes with new additions and modifications for the Henri Lloyd sailing jackets and trousers. Those clothing lines designed for racing are contoured to reduce wind age. For foul weather conditions, the optimal Henri Lloyd sailing jackets feature the Opt vision hoods, which allow the wearer full range of vision while maintaining maximum waterproof protection.
Those jackets and trousers are tested in lab and out on the water. When you wear a Henri Lloyd jacket, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that these sailing jackets have been made with technical fabrics that withstand thousands of cycles of friction testing as well as multiple ocean crossings.